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Just Let You Be God - Morgan Johnson

  So many nights, I’ve questioned why I’ve spend so many times on my knees. Wondering where you are, and why you don’t seem to hear me. While everything around me is spinning out of control, I know I no longer can do this on my own. You told me You have my soul for safekeeping, Also my heart, even when I am not reaching. It’s in the silence I …

The God in Me

I was just 15 years old looking for something more, When on a Wednesday night Jesus opened up a door. I was led to the sanctuary with walls like an ocean blue, And I looked around scared beause I didn't know what to do. I met new friends and we had a time of prayer, I left that building changed, no longer filled with despair. I went to every service …

What does your Face say about your Faith


What does your  FACE say about your FAITH?

Worry ....or faith?

Anxiety....or hope?

Apprehesion....or trust?

Time etches the answers on our faces.

Will our beliefs and our responses to life sculpt a frowning face, or one that reveals hope and joy?

Say what we will; time will tell.

Jesus, let the lines on my face

Turn upwards in praise to You.


Today's Christian Girl

  It may not always be easy and it may take a bit of work But in the end, being a Christian girl is of great worth An awful world to try to live in A world filled with iniquity and sin Disgusting things can cause ones mind to whirl But you always have the upper hand when you’re Today's Christian Girl When peer pressure, sex, drugs, or other things …

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