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It's a new year - working on me!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart Col 3:23

I love New Years.  It’s kind of like the feeling I get when I finally decide to take down my (many) Christmas decorations (from every room in the house), put everything away and stand back to enjoy a spotless, empty house. Aaah, clean.  New.  That’s how it is in the new year.  And even though you don’t know what’s ahead, and though it might be a little scary, it can also end up being a great adventure!


To help me begin my new year, I like to think about the year that passed. Did I do good on some things?  Should I change the way I did other things – maybe not so well - so that they can be better? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


This Year

* a bad habit I’m going to break

* a new skill I’d like to learn

* a person I hope to be more like
* a good deed I’m going to do

* a place I’d like to visit

* a book I’d like to read

* a letter I’m going to write

* a new food I’d like to try

* i’m going to do better at


This Year  (fill in the blanks - examples given)

1. start(a P7 club)

2. plan (ahead for projects, deadlines, etc)

3. have (more plants in my bedroom)

4. build (a library of my favorite books)

5. write (more letters to my grandpa/grandma)

6. read (for fun, not just for school)

7. make (new recipes)

8. do (make my bed every day)

9. give (tithes and offering)

10. visit (a nursing home to cheer someone up and bring a smile)

11. learn (how to hold my tongue when I’m mad)

12. eat (more of what’s good for me so I can stay healthy)


This Year – 8 things to Give Up

1. self-rejection

2. negative self-talk

3. criticizing others

4. being a people pleaser

5. fear of failing

6. procrastination

7. holding on to grudges

8. expecting perfection of myself