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Anticipation of Love

He must be tall, dark, handsome; or maybe red headed and strong. He will be a doctor, lawyer, preacher or teacher; perhaps the cowboy type or even a singer. As young girls, at some time or other, we all dream of what our future husband will be like. We often want the same qualities that we see in our fathers or other men that we admire, and sometimes we even make a list of the qualities that our future husband must have.

Often when I was young, my friends and I played “Mash.”  In this game, we’d list all the boys that might be potential husbands, the kinds of houses we’d live in, the kinds of cars we’d drive, where we’d live, etc.  By way of elimination, we’d narrow down our prospects and map out our future.  If only it were that easy.


Of all the things that we look forward to as little girls, dreaming about marriage and the family that we’ll have, is a favorite pastime.  With excited anticipation, we imagine a perfect picture of happiness with the most handsome man.  We never truly know how our life will turn out, but we do know one way that we can live “happily ever after.” 


Begin praying at a young age that God will order the steps of your life.  It’s not wrong to make a list of the good qualities that you’d like in a husband, but make sure that you take that list to God and talk to Him about it.  When it is time for you to date, make sure that you take the counsel of your pastor and wife, youth pastor and parents.  And above all, make sure that any young man that turns your head, loves God more than he loves you.


Anticipation tucked away in faith, while trusting in the will of God will result in a life that is a wonderful one.  All your days are not promised to be perfect, but in God, all your days will be just right.