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Theme for 2023

Our theme for this year is REST


I prefer words like GO, DO, PROPEL, JET, GET ‘ER DONE!


But this word doesn’t just mean sleep to me.  I personally don’t like to take naps (hate, but that’s a strong word).  I feel like I’m wasting time and being lazy.


But that’s not the rest that I’m feeling.

Instead, it’s a permission, if you will, to stop, slow down, take a breather and take a break.


Know that its okay to walk away from your work

  • go to the beach for a bit

  • stop by the library for a few hours

  • take up a hobby that you enjoy

  • do a craft

  • learn a new recipe

  • take a Sunday drive

  • spend time talking with a neighbor

  • grab a coffee with a friend

  • fly to another island with a friend for the day


In other words, it’s okay to take a pause….slow down…and actually E N J O Y your life.


Get in your PJs early, cuddle up with a good book and a hot tea and sit.


This word reminds me to relax in my work for God and know that He honors anything I do for the Kingdom.  He honors when I skip one meal in an effort to draw closer to Him.  It doesn’t take 40 days of fasting to get His attention, but know that God adores you and wants so badly to be close to you.


So, if you are driving or taking a walk or are in your bedroom and you’re finally alone, turn off the radio, take a moment and talk to God.

He loves that. Just know that He is listening.


But I know myself.  Rest, for me takes discipline.  It’s changing my mindset and giving myself permission to go slow…and pause for a moment. 


And actually? When I think that the world will not go on unless I keep pushing and pushing and trying to check off everything on my “to do” list? 

I’m actually not trusting in God to take care of all the things that concern me.


Rest in knowing that you are greatly loved by your heavenly Father and that He

totally has your life in His hands.


That you are enough, and that you are so valuable to Him and to your church family and to the Kingdom of God.  Rest.