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Me - Teach a Bible study?

Me – Teach a Bible Study?


One of the most daunting tasks, we as Christians have to do, is to teach a Bible study to others. Mainly because we feel inadequate, that we are not spiritual enough or that a question may be asked that we feel we are unable to answer.  Whatever the reason, we can show our girls – in fun ways – how to teach a Bible study.


The fact is that many people want to learn about the Bible, but are often afraid to come to church.  Therefore, if we can show them some of the great things in the word of God, a hunger will begin to form in their hearts that will eventually lead them to church.


The good news is that there are so many wonderful Bible study tools available to use that it takes the hard part out - coming up with what to teach.


What to Do:

Decide on a Bible study or create one of your own.  Have your girls practice teaching them to each other in front of the group.  Have the girl that is to be “taught,” dress up in a fun or silly way (wig, funny glasses, etc).

Teach them to pray before they start and that if a question is asked that they do not have the answer for, that it is okay to say, “I’m not sure of that answer.  But I promise to find out and bring it back to you.” Then they can ask their pastor or youth leader for the answer and bring it back the following week.


Show our girls the importance of sharing God’s word and that it is not as hard as it may seem.



PPH offers a great many Bible studies that we can use.  One of the easiest and most accessible is:


Into His Marvelous Light.  The neat thing about this Bible study is that you can order the booklet to go through with your friend, or you can download and print them.  Just look for: www.intohismarvelouslightpdf

A quick and easy explanation of salvation. 





Another Bible study that is very easy and short is Water and Spirit

This can be ordered online as well as from PPH.

This also covers the issue of salvation.





More To Life Today 



Ladies Ministries offers a series of three Bible studies called More to Life. These Bible studies deal with relationship, finding fulfillment, pleasing the Father and even self-worth.

Additional Bible studies can also be accessed on the Ladies Ministries website as well as on the More to Life app




Youth Division has Bible study in a bag – a fun and quick Bible study in English and Spanish!








Bible Studies can be taught from books as well. 


I love Ruth Harveys series Kingdom Kids

These little “cartoon type” books deal with issues such as jewelry, the way we dress and look. 

At the age of 9, one young lady in Hawaii taught the principles of these books to her next-door neighbor resulting in her coming to church.  She also received the Holy Ghost!



Image result for Gayla Baughmans books 

Gayla Baughman’s POSH books are excellent for teaching about girls issues.







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