1. How do I begin a TCG Club?

Steps for beginning a TCG Club:

* Obtain pastoral approval
* Secure helpers for your meetings
* Fill out a club application online
* Decide how often your club will meet (Once or twice a month is suggested)
* Decide with your helpers what issues your girls are facing that you could address
~ Issues such as friendships, ministry, peer pressure, fashion, boyfriends, etc.
More club meeting ideas here
* Decide on a name for your club chapter (Suggestions can be found here)
* Decide with your club members what your goals and motto will be for your club
* Hold meetings in fun places; the park, the mall, on a hike, at a restaurant, etc.
2. Do the ages have to be 10-18?

Ages 10-18 is the target age that this ministry is focused on; however, feel free to set the ages according to the needs of your church.  A couple of our churches that have younger girls have started a “Sugar Cookie Club” in addition, for ages 5-9.

3. Do the clubs have to be girls only?

There are issues that are obviously different between girls and boys. These issues (some delicate) would not be able to be discussed in the presence of the opposite sex.  It is becoming more common for the Men’s department of our churches to start Boy’s Club so that young men’s issues can be dealt with as well.  Not to mention the varied interests between the sexes.  One of our churches in Canada began a Girls and Boys club because of the needs of their particular church. Of course we then would recommend a name change from Today’s Christian Girl

4. Do you provide teaching material for Club Meetings?

Although not yet available, we are currently working on material to have available. We encourage you to look at the particular needs of your club members.  What issues are they struggling with?  Do they need to know how to make and maintain friendships? Are they having a hard time understanding holiness or the power of uncut hair?  One club had a Hair Do Party where they fixed crazy hair dos for each other.  Lots of pictures were taken, then a power point was shown followed by a discussion on what the Bible says about uncut hair.

Had a missionary recently?  One club in Wisconsin had a missionary from Africa visit their church.  The next club meeting was held at an African restaurant.  A discussion was held as to what it would be like to be a missionary in Africa.

Other issues that your girls may be interested in are: ministry – finding yours, witnessing, learning to balance a checkbook, scrapbooking, learning to budget or how to host a party.  Also, community service, peer pressure and fashion.  In what fun ways can you discuss being fashionable AND godly?

5. Should we have the same teacher each week?

Look around your church. Do you have particular ladies with obvious talents?  Take advantage of these talents.  One may offer a class on painting, one on scrapbooking.  The church secretary could hold a fun class on balancing a checkbook or budgeting. You might even bring in one of the men to teach how to change a flat tire or this type of helpful information. In each meeting, you still may want the TCG Director present.

6. Should the format be the same for each meeting?

Keep your meetings fun and fresh.  Most church events happen AT the church, so you may want to vary your meeting places.  Consider such locations as the Mall, taking a nature hike, or at a local Animal Shelter for community service.  Parks, farms and individual homes are great and fun meeting places as well. And DON’T forget the snacks. Preteen and teenage girls love snacks!

7. How do we fund our TCG meetings?

Some churches fund TCG meetings through their Youth or Sunday School Departments. Others charge a small club fee each meeting.  You may want to make a presentation and show a Power Point about your TCG Club during a church service and ask the congregation to sponsor club members.

You might ask teachers that are brought in to provide materials that are needed for the meeting - providing the group is not too large and the cost isn’t too great.

8. Can we use TCG as an outreach?

Absolutely!  This is an excellent tool to bring unsaved young ladies to the Lord. Parents desire a safe place for their girls to go where they can have fun with friends.  TCG, as it is different from a church service, is sometimes less intimidating to preteen and teen girls.  Even in meetings that are more fun than spiritual, unchurched girls will find out what we are all about.  Being around our godly girls, they will begin to see what “Livin’ Right and Lovin’ Life” is all about.

Note: Several of our clubs are seeing great results from club members inviting their unchurched friends.  Parents and grandparents are coming to the Lord though TCG!

9. Is there a charge to join TCG?

It’s absolutely free.

10. Then why register?

One reason is to show your girls that they are a part of a worldwide Girls Club sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church.  When your club is listed on the map, you can show your club where other clubs are located around the globe. 

Another reason is that your girls can connect with other Girls Clubs around the world.

And lastly, so that we can track the world reaching effects of this ministry.

11. How can my club be spotlighted on the website?

You may contact  our director Debbie Sanders here if you desire to have your club  featured on our TCG Club spotlight page. 

12. How can I share what our club is doing?

If you would like to share your ideas and club meetings, email us here and we will add your ideas to our website.

13. Can we share our Facebook page with others on the website?

Yes! Please send all information here and we will add your FB info to  your club's profile page.

14. How can I recommend someone for the TCG Girl Spotlight?

We would love to have a recommendation for our TCG Girl Spotlight page.  Please email us here