Club Meeting Ideas

Meetings at the Mall

Meetings at the Mall


The Mall can be a great place for meetings, provided the right “type” of meetings.

You don’t want to try to have a quiet, serious soul-searching type of meeting in this type of venue.

There are many things you can do for a meeting at the Mall.


1. Surveys

Rock Solid Girls in Kailua, Hawaii had a meeting where the focus was outreach.  The discussion was that often we have a hard time approaching people to talk to them about the Lord.

Girls were formed into teams of two.  All girls would take surveys as they walked through the mall.

One half of the teams were assigned with the task of asking people if they would rather choose Starbucks or Jamba Juice.

The other half of the teams were to ask people if they preferred pepperoni or cheese pizza.

Dialogue went something like this: “Excuse me, Sir/Maam.  We are with Todays Christian Girl club.  We are taking a survey.  Which is your favorite – Would you order cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza?  Oh great! Thank you Sir/Maam.  Have a good day!”

The team that took the most surveys in an hour received a gift card to Starbucks.


Devo: It was discussed that just as easy as it was to talk to people by taking surveys, we also can invite people to church and talk to others about Jesus.

You can pass out church cards for the girls to take home with them to pass out to people they come in contact with during the next week.


Snacks: Perhaps your meeting could start in the Food Court and everyone could purchase their own dinner.


Note: Any extra ideas to add to this meeting suggestion?  Send them to us and we’ll add to this post.


2. Scavenger Hunts

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt.  Make teams of 2-4 depending on the size of your club. Give each team a list of what they are to find within an hour.  Pictures must be taken (on phones) that proves they found all items on the list.

The rules would include that the girls conduct themselves in a professional manner and that they properly return all items they use for their pictures.


Scavenger Hunt List:


Things to Bring Back

Store shopping bag

Map of the mall

Job Application

An old hanger


Things to Photograph

Posing as a mannequin in a store window

A shirt with the letter M

A frog

Your team with a man with a mustache

Riding an escalator

Wearing sunglasses

Wearing a high heel shoe

Looking in a mirror

Eating a food sample

Spelling out YMCA with people you don’t know

With another team (not at beginning or end)

A store that doesn’t have the first letters capitalized

Yellow soap

Something leopard print

A purple candle

Size 12 shoe

A price tag whose digits add up to 25

With a couple that is holding hands

With a dog

With a dog in a stroller

Making a duck face with a duck item

Jumping in mid-air in front of the fountain

With a number 10


Snacks: Girls can enjoy a dinner in the Food Court, a dessert at an ice cream place, or drink at Starbucks.