Club Meeting Ideas

Boys and Dating

Subject: Boys and Dating

Thought: All young ladies, when they reach a certain age, begin to think about the opposite sex.  This is a normal happening. We have the opportunity to instill in our young ladies, the proper characteristics they should look for in a young man when the time is right. We want them to have good and godly boundaries according to the principles of the Word of God.


* Host a Valentine Party and instruct all club members (if age appropriate) to bring a “date.” Each girl will then create a “date.”
Dates can be made in the form of a scare crow, balloons, a cardboard cutout, or even out of a broom.
* Discuss what characteristics a godly girl would look for in a young man.  The first qualification being that she should never look outside the house of God. 
* Let the girls ask questions in a guided conversation.  They do have questions and need a safe place to ask.
* Be sure to let them know that this only applies to when the time is right.