TCG Club Spotlight

Southern Oaks, TCG

 Southern Oaks, TCG

Interview with Angie Anderson


Q. What made you want to start a TCG club?

A. I have a daughter who is TCG age and I wanted to do something with her and her friends at church.  I remember “vaguely” being their ages and wanted them to have ample opportunities to have fun, outreach, and ask questions galore.


Q. What do you see is the greatest need of our young girls today?

A. I see one of the greatest needs for our young ladies is a safe place to ask questions.  Every week they sit in church, Sunday school, youth, and family devotions but I love how our Today’s Christian Girl group facilitates random questions from careers, future/present ministry dreams, and holiness questions. 


Q. Do you feel they are facing different challenges then you had to face when you were their age?

A. The challenges are the same as the Bible says there is no new thing, but I do believe our young ladies are being attacked so much more than I ever was as most things contrary to God’s word is now widely accepted and even encouraged.


Q. What do you feel are ways that we can secure our girls in the church?

A. Let them voice their fears, questions, and dreams in a safe atmosphere.  They are all leaving their parents’ religion and finding their own relationship with Christ.  We must see them as new converts with plenty of room for growth.


Q. What advice would you give to someone that has a burden for our young girls in ways they can be effective in their TCG clubs?

A. Always prayer first of course, but next speak to your pastor about starting a group and DO NOT over think it.  The girls just love getting together and you can make the meetings match your personality with the girls.


Q. What do you feel are your greatest challenges with this type of ministry?

A. As a 40-year-old leader, I want to keep to the heartbeat of the girls and not what a mom and wife would like to do.  I do want to teach them some things but keeping fresh ideas is my hardest challenge.


Q. What is one of the most effective TCG meetings that you have held?

A. We went to the local mall, had lunch, and I gave a devotion of how God is not lost, we are, and we must seek Him out to have our own personal relationship with Him.  I then paired my girls in groups of their “not usual” friends and had them do a phone (picture) scavenger hunt and then handed out prizes.


Q. How do you fund your TCG meetings?

A. Right now I am the director and fund most meetings but I like to have different ladies from our church speak, host, or teach the girls something and they have graciously given the materials or food needed.


Q. What do you feel are some of the greatest temptations/challenges that your girls are facing today?

A. Without sounding too ancient of days I feel like the greatest temptations is what each girl holds in the palm of her hand – her telephone.  It’s so easy to “see” what we shouldn’t or listen to the wrong thing.  In my day you had to put a little bit more energy into doing the wrong thing.  But I do believe for such a time as this God knows the temptation of this generation and has given them the tools to overcome them!  They are the Greatest Generation for such a time as THIS!


Q. Tell us about a memorable meeting that you had this year?

A. The photos (below) with water is when we went on a hike in Sulphur, OK to a place called Little Niagara Falls. We talked about being alone with God and no matter what happens in your life - whether you have a "gaggle" of friends or God has you in a spot where it's just you and Him, know that He's there.  Take each season in stride and continue to grow closer with God.


Q. What kind of meeting did you have for the holidays this year?

A. This year we had a holiday/end of the year party where we did a sock exchange.  We played the Left-Right game to do the exchange.  Everyone stuffed the socks they brought to exchange with different candies and inexpensive dollar items (see pics below).