TCG Spotlight

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson, 17, is a pretty amazing young lady.  She plays the piano, violin, and can write intriguing page turning stories.  She wants to be a graphic artist, pathologist, or maybe an U.S. Diplomat in Russia.   But what is most significant about Emily is that she is just as ambitious about the work of God.  She has always been obsessed with all things Russian and after her 2017 AYC mission trip to Latvia she began learning the Russian language and saving for her 2018 AYC trip to Ukraine.  God is opening doors by bringing friends to her life that are from Ukraine and teaching her the language as well as the culture.  She doesn’t just wait from one trip to the next either.   Between trips she is involved in our church’s mobile Sunday school, bus ministry, and is a witness at her job, Chick-fil-A, with 3 of her co-workers coming to our last night of youth revival!