TCG Spotlight

Reinah Kidani

Reinah Kidani Spotlight


Meet Reinah Kidani. She is 14 years old and lives on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. She is very involved in her church; singing on the worship team, teaching Sunday school, and playing the piano. She is also the vice president of their P7 Club at Kealakehe High School. She serves alongside the club’s president & her older brother, Kaiah.


Here are a few things she’s shared with us-

“The great part about living in Hawaii, to me, is that it’s easy to meet people. People here are easy to approach and very friendly. There’s a lot of diversity here. I also love the beauty of it in itself. It’s a privilege to think that I get to live in a place where everyone else in the world would love to go to because of its sunny days and beautiful sunsets. The challenges of living here in Hawaii especially for us Apostolics, would probably be trying to stay modest and deal with the summer heat. (I CAN SPEAK FOR MYSELF HAHA.) But... although it’s a sacrifice, it’s so worth it.


One challenge I face is trying to juggle high school life and personal/church life. Being that my dad is the Pastor, my family and I are very involved in the church. We don’t always have time to finish homework before services and normally end up having to do it when we get home from church services late at night. It’s also hard to find time in between trying to finish school work and going to church 3 times a week to read my Bible and pray as much as I want to. 


TCG club has affected me big time. It’s taught me so many basic things in life that we need to know as young Apostolic girls living for God. This club has allowed me to feel comfortable around my peers and has given me the opportunity to fellowship and learn alongside other Apostolic girls. It’s the best feeling in the world being in fellowship with those of the same faith and knowing that you are not alone in this walk. We’ve all run into the same problems and I’m sure we share some of the same questions about certain things in life, yet together we are given the chance to learn and grow as individuals to be the best that we can be for God. We’re learning to “live right” and “love life” like the TCG motto!

“Living right, Lovin life”