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Dear Debbie,

Do all of my friends have to be Christian?  Does the Bible say anything about that?

Answer:  All of our friends do NOT have to be Christian.  Jesus was friends with believers and non believers.  We should be "friendly" with all that we meet. However; when it comes to our closest friends who will automatically be an influence in our life, we should chose friends that are in the church and living for God.

Someone told me once that our "acquaintances" will be at school - those we sit next to in class or eat lunch with.  But our "friends" will be people we go to church with.

When they begin to influence us in a wrong way - it's time to break those ties. I Cor 15:33 "Evil companionships (associations) corrupt good manners and morals and character."

What about a situation where there are no young people your age in your church? Then make the ladies in the church your friends and under the supervision of your parents would you hang out occasionally with unchurched friends.