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The God in Me

I was just 15 years old looking for something more,

When on a Wednesday night Jesus opened up a door.

I was led to the sanctuary with walls like an ocean blue,

And I looked around scared beause I didn't know what to do.

I met new friends and we had a time of prayer,

I left that building changed, no longer filled with despair.

I went to every service I could, craving for more of Him

Who so lovingly came and laid down His life for His friends.

On a Friday night youth service I surrendered myself to receive the thing that I wanted the most,

Which was allowing Jesus to fill me with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.

After that night my life was truly changed,

The way I lived, dressed, talked and thought was never the same.

I started to dig into His Word for wisdom and direction,

And I learned about being holy which is a statement, not a suggestion.

This society that we live in is constantly striving to be the best,

But the Word of God is calling us to "be ye separate."

The people we will become and the things that we possess,

Have no value at all unless it's for His kingdom's success.

It's easy to say we love Him when things are going great,

But He desires for us to trust Him to guide every step that we take.

                                                                                          by: Emily Hunt