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Christmas Shopping money


Dear Debbie,

I never seem to have enough money to buy the presents for my family and friends' gifts at Christmas time.  Do you have any ideas on how I can make some quick money before the holidays?

signed Tired of Baking


Dear Tired,

What a good heart you have. I know Christmas is the time when we are supposed to express all our heartfelt love for someone in the "perfect gift," however, it's not necessarily the size or cost of the gift that's the most important, but the fact that you thought of them.   If someone likes to write, a journal with a personal note inside about what they mean to you and a cool writing pen, for instance, might be more appreciated than an expensive figurine that they may never use.


Some ideas for money making at holiday time could be:

* Babysitting while parents are out on a date or Christmas shopping.  Play games or have a small holiday party for the kids you watch so they'll want to come back.

* If you're good with a camera, you might pass out flyers at your church offering to take pictures (for a small fee) of families or children for their Christmas card.

* In your neighborhood, you could pass out flyers offering to walk your neighbor's dogs, or even have a dog wash.

* If you are good at wrapping presents, you can spread the word that you will do that for a fee. You could charge a different fee for those that provide their own wrapping paper and for those that you provide the paper for.

* Since you usually bake, there may be ladies that find themselves too busy to bake Christmas desserts.  Create an order form for various desserts that you can make and gather preorders.


Hope that helps.

Happy beginning of the Holidays!