TCG Club Spotlight

MAID to Praise



Club Name: MAID to Praise
Location: Waikoloa/Kona, Hawaii
Club Directors: Laurie Kidani/Anna Fruean

Q. What made you want to start a TCG club?

A. We wanted to start a TCG club because we noticed we had quite a few young ladies in our church who were looking for an outlet. They needed something to belong feel welcomed & loved...somewhere they could just be themselves.


Q. What do you see is the greatest need of our young girls today?

A. They need love. They need to know they are cherished & cared for. We’re trying to impress in these girls that they are always loved by their heavenly father & that, through holiness & their obedience to His word, they will always find acceptance in Him.


Q. Do you feel they are facing different challenges then you had to face when you were their age?

A. Times have changed quite a bit. With social media & “social standards”, we’ve watched these young ladies seek approval from anonymous strangers through numerous social websites. They’re looking for acceptance from people they’ve never met rather than from the people who really know & love them. We didn’t have things like instagram & snapchat until recently. Everything was done face to face.


Q. What do you feel are ways that we can secure our girls in the church?

A. One thing we’ve tried to do often is use these young ladies in the church. (On the praise team, running the church media, running the sound, taking up offering.) Giving them a job to do & some responsibility where it really counts, in the church, has been something that seems to keep them excited about coming.


Q. What advice would you give to someone that has a burden for our young girls in ways they can be effective in their TCG clubs?

A. Have gathering. Get them involved. Give them something to do! Let them know, without a doubt, that you genuinely care for them. Meet often & make it fun. Try to do something different every time! & Have food! Food ALWAYS works!


Q. What do you feel are your greatest challenges with this type of ministry?

A. Something that’s been challenging is meeting often. We’d like to meet every month, but because of schedules & not always having a meeting place, we haven’t been able to do TCG meetings as often as we’d like. Another thing we’re trying to get better at is having more fun activities, games, & crafts for the girls to do during the meetings.


Q. What is one of the most effective TCG meetings that you have held?

A. 50’s! We had a meeting themed around the 50’s. We got all the girls to dress up in their best 50’s get up & set up the room like a 50’s diner. We had a ton of games (hula hoop contest, bubble gum blowing contest, dance-offs) & showed the girls that you can have fun & be active while being holy & modest. They don’t have to thing about what they can’t do, but we showed them that there’s so much they can do while remaining modest & holy.


Q. How do you fund your TCG meetings?

A. We do our best to share the load & try to provide the things we need for our meeting. We figure out what we need as far as decorations, food, game items, etc. & give the club leaders a few things to bring each time.


Q. What do you feel are some of the greatest temptations/challenges that your girls are facing today?

A. Image. Acceptance. Approval. Beauty standards. Holiness...those are just a few of the things we see them facing today. There is so much influence coming from the world. We’re doing our best to show them that they don’t have to listen or change themselves to fit in with the world. They can always fit with God!