TCG Club Spotlight



Club Spotlight

TCG Club: HerStory

Church: Apostolic Church of Warner Robins

Location: Warner Robins, GA

Pastor: James Driver

Director: Sherena Faniel


What was the reason you felt to start a TCG club?

As a leader, I have tremendous opportunity to positively influence these young ladies’ lives, an opportunity I do not take for granted. This organization is one of my heartbeats. The joy I get when I see my girls living a sold-out life for Christ whether they are in church or out playing at a park, is unexplainable. I’ve been living for God since the age of 18.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been so rewarding. Most people my age thought I was missing out because I would rather be at church on a Friday night than at a party or football game. One of my goals is to teach these girls that you can be sold to God completely and have the best fun while doing it.


What are the ages you are dealing with?

My girls range from the age of 8-14


How is ministering to them in a club or a group setting with just girls, different than in a church setting?

Although having meetings at a church is not a bad thing, having meetings outside of church is great for the girls.  It is very easy to meet at the church and have a lesson; however, holding meetings in varied locations, keeps things fresh and exciting.

TCG has a different feel and vibe for my girls. We have a youth group, so they get to enjoy time in a mixed group. But having an all-girls group where we can talk about girly things and learn how to carry ourselves as young women is a plus. This club has not just been a blessing to my girls but also myself as I teach them, I am learning things that I thought I knew as a woman.


How do you decide what your club meetings will be?

When planning a meeting it is important to know where your girls are in their lives and plan meetings to address issues they may be facing or dealing with.  I think of fun ways to accomplish this.

I might do a theme of the month or season we are in. Some of my girls’ favorite meetings were held at a ranch.  The other favorite was when we spent time exercising.


What advice would you give to other clubs?

I encourage you to get your girls a TCG shirt, that way when you go out and everyone is wearing one, it will cause questions and teach them how to communicate with others outside of the church as well.